These are stories I write and/or host :) if you have a story you have written but don't know where to post it, e-mail me and i'll post it for you :)

Bing Bang, you hit me like a boomerang. (16 Chapters, unfinished, author: saRa)

Untitled. (12 Chapters, unfinished, author: Lady Katalina)NEW!!!

The Life We Once Knew. (10 Chapters, unfinished, author: Crystal Tides)NEW!!! Update in progress

A Hanson Tragedy. (10 Chapters, unfinished, author: Taylor Update in progress)

Please don't forget *my love*. (3 Chapters, unfinished, author: saRa) update in progress

Katie, Jamie, and Amy: The Search for Johnny. (5 chapters, unfinished, author: saRa)Updated!

An Elven Adventure. (3 Chapters, unfinished, author saRa)*Voted favorite story by most, Updates in progress!*

Obsession (Finished, author saRa (with help from Lizzie)

This: Many ppl have read my stories.. hopefully.. i think...

Hey, these are MY stories, all of them are fiction, I do NOT know Hanson, umm... I don't exactly know any elves from Qualinesti either, sooo.. don't ask :).. umm.. if you don't like my stories... go someplace else!! (hehe) oh... btw.. they are all 1998 by me.. saRa