Chapter    9

Lex woke up to the sounds of people trying to be quiet and doing a horrible job of it.

"Shhh Zac, we're gonna wake her up." Whispered Taylor to a smug looking Zac, "It's ok now, I got the water, wanna dump it on her or drop her hand in it?" "Well we won't be able to do EITHER if you don't quiet down!" "OK, OK, OK, gosh, don't have a hissy fit Taylor."

Tay reached over a smacked Zac playfully, *Oh no,* thought Lex. "Ooooh Tayles, my dear, DEAR Tayles.. this is war buddy," said Zac as he smacked Tay back.

Lex while watching the bowl of water and thinking about what would happen if this continued much longer, sat up and grabbed the bowl of water, just as Zac dropped it and tackled Taylor, which of course made them both fall on her bed. Which knocked her back and made her throw the water all over the place.

"Lex!!!" screamed both Tay and Zac, "Why'd you do that???" Lex stared at them in disbelief, "Me???," she said, "I'm not the one who snuck into someone's BEDROOM, while they were still sleeping and was plotting against throwing water on me."

Zac looked over at Tay evilly, "Lexi." He said in a sweet, coaxing, babyish voice, "It was all my dear brother Taylor's idea, he even woke me up super early to get in here."

"Super early?" asked Lex, looking over at the clock, "Oh my lordů" she said, "You guys are SO dead! It's only 6:30 AM! Get OUT of my room NOW!!!" She screamed, throwing pillows at the two boys, who both ran out of her room, ducking flying pillows. As soon as the door closed, Lex pulled the covers back over her head and went back to sleep.

After what seemed like 10 minutes but after checking the clock she found to be more like 2 hours, Lex woke up again, this time by entirely normal means though.

She pulled herself out of bed and walked over to the closet, the maid had put all of her clothes in the closet, and Lex appreciated it. She searched through her closet until she found her Gold colored cargo pants and a black tank top with a gold dragon on it, she looked at herself in the floor-to-ceiling mirror that was on her wall.

"Well from neck down I look fine.. but my hair and face.. ugh." She said to herself, grabbing a brush and her Caboodle, she started to brush her long dark hair and studied her face thoughtfully, "Maybe.. I should wear it all up." She said while starting to do a little chignon, she liked the way this style accentuated her cheekbones, but it was way to formal looking so she took it down and just did a quick ponytail.

She threw on some blush and mascara and opened the door, just in time to see Honey emerge from her bedroom in a short black dress and blue airwalks. Lex looked down at her own bare feet and ran back into her room, grabbed her black airwalks and walked back out into the hallway to greet her sister.

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