ChaPter    8

The group of teenagers walked up the steps to the front door of the house/mansion that the Saathoff's lived in. The door was opened by a handsome man in his late 40's, his dark blonde hair was shot through with silver, he stepped out and gave Suzy and Jani both hugs, "This is my dad, Mr. Jordan Saathoff… Dad, this is Alexis Miller, and her twin sister Honey. And you know the Hansons, at least.. I hope you do." Mr. Saathoff laughed, "Of course I know the Hansons, I am their co-producer, and How are you girls doing?" "Fine." Came the reply from both of the girls, "Can I get ya anything? I promised HRS I'd take good care of you both." Lex smiled, "We're fine Mr. Saathoff, if we need anything I'll be sure to let you know." Honey moved up next to her sister and said "Well I need a bathroom and a nap and I'll be all set." Suddenly the door of the house next door was flung open and two young girls between about six and eight years old came running out, followed closely by a younger boy who couldn't have been more than three, they all ran into the arms of each Hanson, Ike, who was holding the 3 year old, said "These are our sisters and brothers, Avery, Jessica, and Joshua, but you can call him Mackenzie, Zoe is in the house asleep, she's only 5 days old." "Awww," said Lex, "Nice to meet you guys, I'm Lex and this is my sister Honey." "Hiya Lex and Honey." Said Avery and Jessica, "Hello," said Honey, "Well, I'm getting ready to collapse so can we please go inside??" "Oh," said Ike quickly, "lemme help you carry that stuff." He took her bags from her and carried them into the house, "Which rooms do they get Mr. Saathoff?" he asked. Mr. Saathoff ran upstairs and opened the doors of two guest rooms, "These are the girls rooms, sorry they might be kinda dusty, we didn't have that much time to clean before you guys came." Lex walked up the stairs with Honey and the rest of the gang following "I'm sure they'll be perfect." she said politely, Ike put Honey's bags in her room, and Lex put hers in her room, then they walked back out into the hall. Taylor noticed how tired Lex and Honey both looked and told them to get some rest because they were going out for dinner later, he pulled everyone downstairs with him and left the girls alone. Honey and Lex walked into their rooms, Honey immediately laid on her bed and fell asleep, Lex however wasn't all that tired. She decided to unpack, she started pulling clothes out of her bags and putting them on hangers in the room, while she did this she explored the room. It was an old-fashioned looking room, with a 4-post bed and dark wood furniture and floors, but it was expensively decorated, with a few vases and some very pretty 'knick knacks' on the mantle. She finished unpacking and laid down on the bed to think about all the stuff that had happened in the past week, she didn't think for very long though, she just fell asleep…

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