ChapteR    7

Lex whispered over to Jani, who was sitting beside her, "Is THAT your house?!?" Jani looked up and said "oh.. yeah.. I'm sorry if it's going to be kind of cramped." Lex's mouth dropped, "Cramped??.. Jani, maybe I forgot to tell you, we lived in a rat and roach infested apartment building, my room was about as big as a hallway closet is, I'm SURE this house will be fine." While Lex was talking to Jani about this, Honey was talking to Zac about the amount of hamburgers he could eat at one sitting, "There is no way you can eat 10 McDonalds hamburgers in an hour Zac." Tay leaned over and said "Honey, you don't know Zac Hanson, he once ate 12 McDonalds hamburgers in an hour and a half, sure he was sick for a few days after that but still…" Honey laughed "You guys are too much." Suzy leaned over and said "Honey, did they tell you about the concert yet?" Honey looked at Zac "Concert???" "Ohh yeah," said Zac, "we're having a concert in 2 days and you guys get…" he paused for effect, "FRONT ROW SEATS!!!!!" "Whoa, Zac, you're kidding right?" Said Honey, "We just met you guys, you don’t have to give us front row tickets or anything." Zac smiled "Its ok.. we wanna.. as a welcome.." Zac watched Honey blush and thought about how pretty she was, and then he stopped himself, I already have a girlfriend he told himself, but he couldn't stop thinking about Honey, and how pretty she was… Isaac was doing the exact same thing, except that he didn't have a girlfriend to worry about, so he just kept on thinking about her, and thinking about her… and thinking about her... he thought about her so much that he didn't realize that Zac and her had stopped talking and were both looking at him.. he snapped out of his thoughts and said "what?" Honey and Zac both started giggling, "We asked you whether or not you thought it was a good idea to give Honey and Lex front row tickets at our concert." Said Zac, still laughing at Ike, "Oh, yeah I think that would be an awesome idea," said Ike, "I bet we could even give them a ride if Jani and Suzy go with us," He looked over at Jani and Lex, who were deep in conversation about the size of the Saathoff's house, and decided not to bother them, then he looked over at Suzy who was staring out the window dreamily, he tapped her on the arm and asked her about the concert. "Oh I think that's a GREAT idea," she exclaimed enthusiastically, "That way you guys can see Hanson perform live, for free!!" Honey looked at Zac uncertainly, "Are you sure your parents won't mind if you guys give away free concert tickets? And wouldn't the show already be sold out?" Zac laughed, "Hey Honey, calm down.. we'll get ya the front row seats, and if we can't ya'll can always just watch us from backstage, heck those seats will be better than any old front row seats, we'll just do that instead.. alright??" Honey smiled, "Alright, just lemme tell Lexi." She leaned over and tapped her sister on the shoulder, "Lexi, we're going to the Hansons concert in 2 days." Lex looked at Ike quickly "Are you sure that that's ok?" Ike looked over from staring at Honey, "Huh?.. oh yeah the concert, sure, that's cool." Lex noticed Isaac's apparent infatuation with Honey and smiled, she nudged Jani in the side and pointed at Ike who had gone back to staring dreamily at Honey, Jani laughed softly and went back to what he was doing.. which was necking with Andromeda, **Authors Note: I'm sure you're wondering where the heck Tay is.. well here ya go** Lex looked over at Tay who was looking out the window, he looked over at her when he felt her eyes on him, "I think we can get out of the car now." He said quietly, Lex looked outside and saw that the car had been parked, "Oh whoa, how long have we been here?" Tay giggled "Well ya'll were so busy talking I just letcha talk, but we've been here for like 10 minutes." "Oh my God," said Lex "Guys come on!! We've been here for 10 minutes and we're still sitting in this darn car!!"

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