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The girl still had her arms around Jani, and was kissing him repeatedly. Honey looked over at Lex to check her response, she was standing there with her mouth open and her eyes glazed. But then Honey realized she wasn't even looking at Jani, she was looking at the limo. Honey turned and looked at the limo, she saw Isaac Hanson wrestling with Zac while Tay watched, her mouth dropped. Then Suzy ran over and gave Issac a big hug while Zac jumped up and down in excitement. Honey ran over to Suzy and asked her in an undertone "Do you know who these people are?!" Suzy laughed and said "Yeah… Ike, Tay, Zac.. this is Honey and her sister Lex who are going to spend the next week or so with us." Lex looked into the deep blue eyes of Tay Hanson and almost fainted. She gulped down her heart, which felt like it was in her throat and said "Hi." Tay blushed but said "Hi" back to her. Zac rushed at Honey and said "Hi, wow you and Lex look the same age.. who is older?" "Well.. we're twins." Honey responded, "Oh wow you guys don't look alike… I thought twins were always identical." "Uh," said Honey embarrassed, "most of the time they are, but we were… special circumstances." Lex was whispered to Suzy, "How on earth do you know Hanson?!?!?" Suzy laughed, "Well, my dad is their co-manager, and they live like next door to us, plus they come over like every single day to hang out, or swim, or rollerblade…" "Wow," said Lex, "So, have you known them long?" "Oh, just like 4 years."…. While Lex and Suzy were talking about Hanson and Zac and Honey were talking about twins, Jani and his girlfriend weren't talking about much, although they were using their lips quite a bit… Isaac was watching Honey and Zac and thinking about how pretty Honey was, he started examining her taking in her clothes. She was in a very pretty short dark blue suede dress, that set off the lightness of her hair, and some dark colored shoes, but he couldn't see them that well, so he moved forward to look at them better, not noticing where he was going… suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his head and looked up to see that he had crashed head first into Honey, she fell back into Zac who fell into Tay who was watching Lex and fell into Suzy and Suzy fell into Lex and they all ended up on the ground. The noise of this got the attention of Jani and his *still nameless* girlfriend, they stopped sucking face and looked up. Jani started laughing as he helped Isaac and Tay up and then they moved to get everyone else up, when they were all standing, Jani realized that he still hadn't introduced the girl to Lex and Honey, so he said "Guys, this is my girlfriend of 2 years," he stopped for a second and gave the girl a quick kiss, "Her name is Andromeda, Andromeda McCulley." Lex looked her over quickly, thinking: 'she was about 5'5" maybe 120 pounds, and her outfit was the preppy look that probably cost more than my whole wardrobe put together, but all in all she looks ok.' After the introductions were done, they all climbed into the limo and started driving to the Saathoff's house… when the house came into view Lex gasped involuntarily, the house wasn't a HOUSE, it was a MANSION….

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