ChaPteR 5

When they got off the plane in Oklahoma's Tulsa International Airport, the first thing Lex did was pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming, she wasn't. The four teenagers went to the baggage claim and started to wait for their bags, after they had all gotten them they went to a pay-phone so Jani could call his father. Jani dropped a quarter in the slot and said "Mr. Saathoff please…" and started talking to his dad, while he was talking Lex examined him in the light, since the plane had been so dark she hadn't had a chance to really do this. The light glinted off of his sun-bleached blonde hair, as his handsome chiseled features animated while talking to his father, his pale blue eyes flashed as they caught the light. Jani looked at her quizzically and Lex realized she had been staring, she blushed and turned away. Jani said goodbye to his dad and hung up, "He is sending the car over for us," he said "we still have about 25 minutes though… so Lex.. why were you—" Honey, noticing her sister's embarrassment interrupted "Let's go to a food place.. I'm starved." Lex smiled at her twin as they all began talking about where they could eat, about half an hour and three food places later... they were outside waiting for Mr. Saathoff's car to come pick them up, as it drove up and parked a blonde petite stunningly gorgeous teenage girl jumped out and ran over to Jani, "Hey Jani!! I've missed you!!" she then jumped into his outstretched arms and gave him a long kiss. Lex and Honey's mouthes collectively dropped in astonishment.

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