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Suzy smiled at them as she sat down across from the sleeping Honey. "Hi." She said, with a big smile on her face. "Hey Suzy," said Jani, "this is Lex, and her sister Honey." Pointing to each of them as he said their names. "Nice to meet you Suzy." Said Lex, "I'm sure Honey would say the same if she were awake." They all laughed, which woke up Honey. "What… who…" she said wearily. "Honey," said Lex, "This is Jani and Suzy Saathoff, they are going to sit across from us on the plane." "Oh," said Honey, "Hello… nice to meet you both." Suzy and Jani both sat down as the 'Fasten Seatbelts' light came on and the stewardess started giving the demonstration on what to do if the plane crashes. Then the pilots voice came on apologizing for the delay and saying flight time would be less than 3 hours, that the in-flight movie was going to be "Bean", and that if you wanted to watch, ask your stewardess for the headphones. Honey immediately rang for the stewardess, and asked for headphones, Suzy also asked for some. But Jani and Lex both said no, after the movie had started and Honey and Suzy were watching, Lex and Jani started talking, it turned out that they were on their way to Oklahoma to live with their dad for 3 weeks, since their parents were divorced. Lex told him about what had happened with her mom, and how they were on their way to live with their Aunt and Uncle in Texas, but she didn't say anything about their plans to run away, Jani then invited them to stay with him, Suzy, and their father for a week. Lex said she didn’t know because they would have to ask the caseworker and clear everything with her, and also they would have to inform her Aunt and Uncle, and besides what about his dad, he might not WANT two more teenage girls invading his house for a week. Jani then picked up the phone on the back of the seat in front of him **Auth note: those phones are sooo cool, but they are expensive as anything to use** and dialed his father, Lex listened in as Jani said "Mr. Saathoff please, Oh hi dad… yeah… I used the credit… yeah Suzy is fine… that's not the reason I'm calling dad… I was wondering, see we met these girls on the plane… yeah anyways I was wondering if maybe they could stay with us for like a week… dad… I know… OK dad… yeah, we'll clear it… ok… thanks… I love you too dad… bye" Lex, looked at Jani, "Well?" she asked hopefully, "As long as we clear it with all the people we need to clear it with it's fine with him." Said Jani happily. "Oh yes!!" said Lex loudly, maybe a little TO loudly, because the person behind them looked over the seat and asked them to please keep it down. Jani started cracking up at the embarrassed look on Lex's face. About 10 minutes of calling HRS people and talking to the caseworker later, the movie was over and Suzy and Honey started asking what was going on, when Lex told Honey the news, she and Suzy started shouting "YES" together, again the person behind them told them to quiet down, this time, all of them started laughing.

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