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"What—." Whatever Honey was going to say was cut off as the pretty blonde nurse came back in, "Hello girls!!" she said enthusiastically. "Hi." Came the listless reply from both of the girls. The nurse looked at them strangely but didn't say anything as she gave Lex the discharge papers and then left quietly. "OK tell me this plan of yours Lexi." Said Honey to her sister as she brushed her hair out of her face. "Well, what we do is like just leave here..." "Oh yeah," said Honey "great plan." "Shut up Honey, I'm trying to think here." Said Lex angrily. "Well, you should think up a plan before you say 'let's run away'." Retorted Honey. Lex looked down at the papers in her lap and then said "Let's fill these out and then go to like McDonald's or something and plan." "Whatever." Came the reply from Honey. "Awww come on Honey… don't be like that, I'm sorry I told you to shut up." Lex pleaded with her sister. Honey gave her sister a hug "It's OK Lexi, let's go… I suppose the sooner we talk about this, the sooner I can talk some sense into you." The two girls checked Alexis out, and then looked around for a McDonald's outside. When they found one and went in Lex ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and Honey just bought some fries. While they were eating their food, Lex told Honey the plan she had been working on, Honey, of course thought that the idea sucked and didn't hesitate in telling that to her sister. After about an hour they agreed on a plan that might actually work, what they would do is choose to live in Texas with their Aunt and Uncle, and then when their plane stopped for the lay-over in Oklahoma, they would get off. Of course, this might not work, but if not they could always runaway from their Aunt and Uncle's place… The next day they were packed and ready to go, when they boarded the plane Lex saw that she and Honey were sitting across from two other seats in First Class but the other people hadn't gotten there yet so Honey sat down and started listening to her Bush "Razorblade Suitcase" CD in her discman, Lex knew she would be asleep soon so she just started sat down and looked out the window. "Excuse me?…" Came a voice from behind her, Lex turned around quickly to see one of the hottest guys she had ever seen standing and awkwardly holding a carry-on and a discman, "Is this 12A?" He asked her, straining under the apparent weight of the carry-on. "Oh yeah, it is!" said Lex, jumping up to help him get the carry-on into the overhead compartment. "Thanks," he said "Oh, by the way, my name is Jani, Jani Saathoff." "I'm Alexis Miller, but my friends call me Lex." Lex replied, "Oh, and this is my twin sister, Honey." She said, pointing to the sleeping form of her sister. "And this is MY sister," said Jani, pointing to an about 5 foot 8 inch drop-dead gorgeous blonde girl coming up the aisle carrying a small carry-on, "Her name is Susan… but you can call her Suzy."

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