ChaPter    2

The next day, Lex woke up in the hospital, she looked around, not knowing where she was and saw Honey asleep on a cot next to her bed. She tried to sit up but felt dizzy and laid back down. She tried to remember what had happened to her after Honey had called 911 but couldn't. She reached up to find a buzzer and pressed it. Shortly after, a blonde nurse walked in, "How is everything going Hon-" she started to say but stopped once she saw that it was Lex and not Honey, who had called her 'Oh whoa, you're awake, one second let me go get a doctor, stay right there." 'right' Lex thought 'and where exactly am I going to go?' While Lex was waiting, Honey woke up "Oh sis, your ok?!" she asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." Lex replied, "But where is mom?" "Ohhh, well she is in jail for assault." "WHAT??? What do you mean… what's going to happen to… us." Lex started crying out of fear and pain from her wounds. Just then the doctor came in followed by the blonde nurse. "Hey, there Lex, you'll be alright, you can go home tomorrow if you're lucky." he said, not understanding why she was crying. Lex laid down and fell into a restless and nightmare filled sleep. The next day when Lex and Honey woke up there was a lady from HRS there to see them about what had happened. She told the girls that they had a choice, they could either stay and live in a foster home in New York City, or move to Texas and live with their Aunt Patty and Uncle Mark. Lex knew what she would choose.. NEITHER. After about an hour the lady left, Lex told Honey that she had a better idea about what they could do and asked her how much money she had, Honey told her she had about 150 dollars, Lex checked her wallet and saw she had about four 20's and her mother's ATM card, so she decided they had enough money. All through this Honey had no idea what was going on, and wasn't sure she wanted to know, but still she asked "Lexi, what exactly are you gonna do?" Lex smiled as she said "We'll run away."

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