Lexi came awake with a start, where was she? Then she remembered, she looked up and saw that Taylor was still there, and that he had fallen asleep. "Tay…" she whispered, "I think you need to get up, it's," she looked down at her watch, "it's noon, don't you guys need to be there early to rehearse?"

"Oh, no!" said Taylor, "You're right, I gotta go." He leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and then ran out of the room.

*Whoa,* thought Lexi, as she climbed up off of the bed and looked at herself in the mirror. *Oh my gosh, I look like crap, how on earth did he want to kiss me?!?* Her hair was all a mess from sleeping for an hour on someones shirt, and her eyes were red and puffy, her cheeks were tearstained. She was, to put it lightly, a mess. *Well, the important part, is that he DID kiss me, wow.*

She peeked out her doorway to see if anyone was in the hallway, no one was. She crept across to Honey's door and prayed that Jani wasn't in there. Lex tapped softly on the door, "Honey?" she whispered, "are you in there?"

Honey opened the door and looked out, "Oh gosh Lexi! What happened to you?" Lex grimaced, "You don't wanna know, can you help me find something to wear for tonight?"

"Sure!" said Honey, "But only if you help me." Lexi smiled, "We'll help each other." Honey smiled back, "Great idea."

After about an hour of trying on clothes and rejecting others, they had two cool looking outfits sitting on the bed. One was a pair of baggy light blue jeans, a light grey tank top, a yellow cardigan, and a pair of yellow Airwalks, and the other one was a pair of form fitting red pants, with little white flowers stitched all over them, and a white cardigan over a red tank top, and a pair of black Doc Marten's.

"Okay," said Lex, "Which one do you want?" Honey looked at the clothes thoughtfully, "If you don't mind, I'd like the yellow and grey one." Lexi studied the other outfit thoughtfully, "Okie dokie, I'll take the other one." She picked up her outfit and walked across the hall back into her room.

She changed into the outfit that she and Honey had picked out for her, brushed her hair up into a lot of little ponytails, put on a little bit of makeup and walked downstairs to get a bite to eat.

"Hiya Chef Robert," she said as she walked into the kitchen. "Ahh, Miss Alexis," said the Chef. "Umm, Chef, do you think I could get a small sandwich?" Asked Lexi.

"Well what kind of sandwich do you want?" asked the Chef, smiling at her. Lex giggled, "How about a nice Turkey and Bacon club?" she said, naming one of her favorite sandwich's that she hadn't had in a long time, and half-expecting him to hand her a pb&j and tell her to "get lost."

Chef Robert smiled at Lex again, he rather liked this girl, she was much nicer than that Andromeda girl that Jani liked, she liked to order him around. This girl had a nice sweet way of asking for food. "Sure thing Miss Alexis, I'll go make you one right now, do you want tomatoes on it?"

*Whoa* thought Lexi, "Yeah! I love tomatoes!" She smiled broadly at him, "Well like, I'm gonna go find another book in the library, so I'll come back in a few minutes to get my sandwich, is that ok?"

"Well Miss Alexis, normally I would say yes, but Mr. Saathoff said that you guys will have to leave in about 20 minutes, so I'm afraid you'll have to eat and run!"

Impulsively Lex reached over and gave the tall Chef a hug. "What was that for Miss Alexis?" asked the Chef. "Well you know, I probably won't see you again, I have to go to my Aunt and Uncle's place in Texas tonight, after the concert."

They talked about a couple other things, and Lex ate her sandwich, then she ran back upstairs to get her sister, so that they could carry their stuff downstairs and pack up the limo.

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