Chapter    15

****Back in Oklahoma****

"I can't believe Aunt Patty is making us leave TOMORROW." Said Honey, after Lex told them her conversation with her Aunt. "Yeah," said Jani, "But will you guys still be able to go to the concert?" Lex looked over "I don't know, I'll have to ask, when she calls back."

Just then, as if to back up Lex's words, the phone in her hand rang. Jani took it from her and answered it, he held the phone out to Lex. "It's her again." He said, "take the phone."

Lex took the phone from his hands, and held it up, "Hey Aunt Patty," she said softly. It took her 15 minutes to explain the situation about the concert to her Aunt, but they finally reached a compromise. They could go to the concert but their Aunt was going to pick them up from the concert and take them back down to Texas, so they should bring their clothes in the van with them.

"I guess that is the best we can expect," said Lex after she had hung the phone up, and again, explained the call to Jani and Honey. "So," said Honey, "I'm going to go in and pack now." Lex smiled at her sister, "Alright. See ya tomorrow morning, g'nite." "night." came her sister's reply as she walked into her room and shut her door.

"Well…" said Jani, "I guess I better be going now, good night Lex, and don't worry about calling any of the Hanson's, I'll take care of it for you." Lex reached over and hugged Jani, "Thanks Jani." She said, before walking into her room to pack up and think about the greatest 3 days in her life.

****Next Morning****

"And now! Here's that totally groovy band…!!! HANSON! With that lovable song! Where's the Love?!!!" Lex's hand reached out and hit the 'snooze' button on her Alarm, she hit it rather hard though, so hard it fell to the ground. She sat up and stretched, then reached down to pick it up and put it back. *I guess today is the day* she thought, looking over at the two overstuffed old suitcases she had packed up last night. Her lower lip quivered slightly and her nose got that horrible pinched up feeling you get when you're about to cry, she tried to stop it, but couldn't and started crying all the pent up tears from all the long years with her mother, and her new anger at not being able to stay the week. She just let it all out.

Just then, there was a slight tapping on the door, thinking it was Honey, she sobbed out, "Come in." The door opened, and Taylor stepped in. *oh crap* thought Lex, as she tried to dry her tears with the back of her hand, all she succeeded in doing however was make herself cry harder.

"What's wrong Lex?" asked Taylor, as her folded her into a comforting hug, she reacted and pulled him closer, snuffling into his shirt. "We have to leave today." She said into his big red over-shirt. "Yeah, I know," he said, "Jani told me, that's why I came over, to tell you good-bye, before the concert and all the crowds." She pulled away and looked up at him, "You really just came over just to tell me good-bye?" she said, tearfully. "Of course!" said Taylor. Lex almost started to cry all over again. "Thanks Tay." she said softly, burying her head in the softness of his shirt again as he embraced her. She closed her eyes as he slowly rocked her back and forth, comforting her.

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