Chapter   14

Taylor came back about 10 minutes later, with Isaac. They both climbed into the limo and the driver pulled out of the long driveway into the Tulsa traffic. "So guys, where do you want to go first when we get to the mall?" asked Jani. "Oh, I don't know, anywhere is fine." Said Honey. "Wait, I wanna go to Rave!" said Lex, "I mean this IS a concert we're dressing for right?"

They pulled into the parking lot of the Tulsa mall, the limo driver said he would wait at the Saathoff's house until Jani or Suzy called him. As they walked into the mall, they decided to split up into two groups, Tay, Lex, Zac, and Monica were grouped up, and Honey, Jani, Suzy, and Ike were in the other one *AN: well duh..* "So Lex, where do you wanna go first again? Rage?" asked Taylor. "no!" said Lex, "it's Rave, it is like the coolest store…" "Okay, whatever you say."

*AN: I'm sure you don't wanna hear about all the dif stores and dif outfits they try on so lets skip ahead 2 hours, (yes.. you can do that in a story.. wow eh?) which makes it about 8 PM, and meet up with our friends back in the car…*

"Hey guys!" said Lex cheerfully, "Did you all have fun?" Jani and Ike looked over at her, "How can you say shopping is FUN?" asked Ike. "Yeah," said Jani, "That was my version of hell." "Oh, come on guys" said Taylor *AN: yes.. Taylor* "Shopping isn't that bad, it's kind of fun, especially to watch them try on clothes." Lex reached over and smacked Taylor on the back of his head. "OW! Hey Lex, what was that for? I was DEFENDING shopping." He said indignantly. "I don't really know what it was for, but I'm sure it was justified." She said. After that, the ride was really quiet, as everyone got into little private conversations.

****Back at the house, Lex's room****

"Honey, can you come here please?!" Called out Lex into the hallway. Her sister's door opened, "Yeah?" said Honey, dressed only in her nightgown. "Can you help me decide what to wear tomorrow night?" she asked.

Just then, the phone rang, someone downstairs picked it up, a minute passed. Jani came up the stairs with a black cordless phone in his hands, "Lex, its for you, its your Aunt. I think." He said. Lex took the phone, "Hello? Aunt Patty?" "Yeah dear, it's me," said her aunt. "Oh, hey what's up?" asked Lexi. "Oh, dear, your Uncle and I have some business to attend to and we'll need to pick you girls up late tomorrow night to take you with us." Lex's mouth fell open, "But it's only been 3 days! And we're supposed to stay for at LEAST a week!" She knew she was whining but it wasn't fair. "I'm sorry dear," said her Aunt sympathetically, "We'll be gone for a month, and we can't let you stay gone that long." Lex spoke quickly, "yes you can! We could probably stay here!" "no-no I don't think that is a good idea," said her aunt, "dear, I have to get off of the phone know, I'll call you later on tonight with rock-solid plans alright?" "yeah ok." Said Lex, "Bye" they both said and then Lex hung up.


Patty hung the phone up and turned to the woman standing next to her holding the gun to her husband's head, "OK Cindy, We're going to get your daughters tomorrow, will you leave him alone now?!?" Cindy smiled, showing yellowed teeth from all of her cigarette smoking. "I would love to, but how do I know you won't go whinin' to the police like the suburban scum you are. I'll just stay the night here and go with you to pick the girls up later."

Patty felt tears pinch at her eyes, and she shut them as not to show any sign of weakness to Cindy. *Oh my Lord* she thought *What have I done?*

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