Chapter    13

Tay and Zac sat by themselves waiting for the others to show up, suddenly the doorbell rang, Zac jumped up, "I'll get it, it's probably Monica anyways." He ran to the door and opened it. "Hey Mon!" he said gladly, "Wow you look great."

Monica looked down at herself, she was wearing a pair of black jeans and a sheer blue flowered shirt over a white tank top, "Why thank you Zac." She smiled at him and asked teasingly, "Can I come inside?"

Zac blushed, "Sure." He opened the door wider and let her duck through, she walked in and sat down on the bottom step of the staircase, "Where is everyone else?" she asked. Tay answered, "Oh they're still up changing, lemme go check on them, you two kids behave yourselves." He winked and walked upstairs.

Lex was looking through her clothes and trying to figure out what to wear, she pulled out a lime green dress but it was all wrinkled, so she put it back and pulled out a pair of dark blue jeans and a white and blue pinstriped tank top, and put them on, she looked in the mirror and pulled her hair out of the ponytail and let it cascade onto her shoulders, and grabbed a pair of Doc Martens, opened the door and walked right into Taylor.

"Ouch!" she yelped as he stepped on her bared toes, "Oh I'm so sorry!" said Tay. He helped her sit down on the chair in the hallway and knelt down beside her, "Are your toes Ok?" he asked, Lex sniffed back tears "I think so." She said softly. Tay picked up her foot and examined her toes, "I think they'll be fine." He said. He leaned towards her as if for a kiss, she leaned into him also…

Just then Jani's door opened and he walked out, Tay and Lex leaned back quickly, Jani looked at them oddly and then knocked on Honey's door, "Honey.. are you ready?" he called out, "I'll be right out!" said Honey. Her door opened and she came out wearing a pair of white jeans and a long sleeved green and black striped shirt. "Ready as I'll ever be!" she chirped, Lex looked down at her feet, "Uh, Honey? What about shoes?" Honey looked down, "Oops, you're right, be right back." She ducked back into her room.

"While Honey gets her shoes on, I'll put mine on." Said Lex, as she pulled her boots on. Honey's door opened and she came out, wearing some black airwalks. The for of them made their way downstairs to where Zac and Monica were waiting with Suzy who had come down before them, Zac introduced Lex and Honey to Monica and they all went outside to get into the car.

Honey looked over at Taylor and asked, "Tay, is Isaac coming with us?" Tay looked over at his house next door, "I don't know, want me to go ask him again?" Honey nodded, "Yeah, would you?" "Sure." Said Taylor, "Don't go without me, I'll be right back." "Ok" said everyone else.