Chapter    12

They got outside and Monica resumed her questioning, "Zac, why didnít you and Taylor go with your parents and family?" Zac smiled, "Well the Saathoff's have two guests staying with them for a few weeks, and so we're staying here to keep them company." Monica looked at him suspiciously, "What two guests?"
Zac smiled at her apparent jealousy, "Don't worry Mon, they're both older than me, and besides that I think they like Tay and Ike." He smiled as she eased her way back into the huge smile he liked. She scooted closer and they held hands.
Pretty soon a car pulled up and Suzy jumped out, "Oh Zac, are you alright?" she asked worriedly. Zac stood up and stretched, "I'm OK Suzy, I just fell over trying to save a little Mommy caterpillar, and her babies."
Monica cracked up hearing this, "Oh in your dreams Zachary, you were trying to show off and you know it!" Zac blushed, "OK OK OK, I'll admit it, I was trying to show off," He giggled a little bit, "Hey, at least it worked, I got a lot of attention right?"
Suzy smiled at them "Come on guys, Ike, Tay, Lex, Honey, and Jani are all waiting for us so we can go shopping for the concert tomorrow."
All three of them walked over to the car and climbed in, "Where are you going shopping?" asked Monica. "Well I think I'm gonna take Zac back to our house and then if you want you can come, or I can have the car drop you off at your houseó" "She's coming back with me!!" Zac interrupted, "You'll come won't you Mon?" he asked, giving her his puppy eyes.
Monica smiled broadly, "Well someone's gotta tell everyone what REALLY happened, so that it doesn't turn into a big circus," She hit him playfully, "We never know what you'll tell everyone."
Zac pretended to look hurt, "Well ya never know, there COULD have been a caterpillar and her babies."
Pretty soon, the car pulled up to the Saathoff's house, Monica and Suzy climbed out and then reached in to help Zac, Zac (being the macho boy he is) waved them off and climbed out by himself. They went inside, where Taylor was sitting on the couch, "Hey Tay, what's up?" Zac asked. "Nothing much Zac, just waiting for Jani, Honey, and Lex to get back." Zac sat down next to him, "Where did they go?" Tay shrugged, "Jani and Lex said something about seeing Jani's horses and then they left, and Lex just left a few minutes to follow them, I hope they get back soon, we gotta change and leave in like 45 minutes to go shopping and then go eat." Monica walked over, "Change? I don't have any clothes here." She looked over at Zac, Do you think I have to time blade to my house and get a change of clothes and then come back?" Zac nodded, "Probably, try and hurry though ok?" Monica nodded back, strapped on her blades, and skated out onto the sidewalk and was gone, Suzy walked upstairs to shower and change, and Zac and Tay stayed downstairs to wait for Lex, Honey, and Jani.
After about 20 minutes of talking about nothing, Lex, Honey, and Jani came inside. Tay jumped up, "Guys, you all have to go upstairs and change and get cleaned up, we have to leave in like a half hour to go shopping for tomorrow night!" Jani, Lex, and Honey shared a three-way glance and then ran upstairs, "Be back soon!" called back Honey.

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