Chapter    11

Taylor sat up quickly, 'I must have fallen asleep' he thought to himself, he looked around and saw that Lexi had already left, that meant that she had seen him on her way out. Tay got up slowly and walked out into the foyer, "Hey Lex! Where did you go?" he called out. Lex stepped out of the library, "I'm right here Tay, what's up?" Tay looked down at her, "Oh.. uhmm well I wanted to apologize for the water thing." He said sheepishly. Lex smiled stiffly, "That's ok Tay, I forgive you, but I gotta jet, I'm looking for Jani and Honey." And with that she walked outside. Tay watched her go thoughtfully.

***Meanwhile at Monica's house***

"Come on Zac, we're gonna be late." Said pretty 11 year old Monica, with her long brown hair and light brown eyes, Monica thought she looked plain, but Zac was always telling her she was most definitely not plain. They walked outside and strapped on their rollerblades and prepared to ride up to the LazerQuest place.
Monica skated out into the street followed by Zac, they skated up the strip for a while before turning to go into the driveway at LazerQuest.
As Monica turned in the driveway she tried a new little pirouette turn on her skates and did it almost perfectly, 'Hmm, if this patch of driveway wasn't so slick I'd have made it perfectly' she thought to herself.
She looked back to see if Zac had seen her and he had and was doing a fancy trick of his own, except that his was just to try and jump the driveway. Monica screamed as his feet slipped out from under him and he crashed to the ground, banging his head hard on the pavement. She skated over to him and dropped to her knees, grabbing his hand.
His chocolate brown eyes opened up and looked at her, "Mon, are you alright?" he asked, noting the tears on her face, "Was my jump THAT bad?" Monica giggled, "Nice jump cowboy, now let's get you inside and call someone to pick us up."
Monica helped Zac to his feet and pulled him into the LazerQuest building, "Excuse me mister," she said to the guy at the counter, "My friend fell down outside and we need to use the phone to call his mom." Zac tugged at her arm, "Mon, my mom and dad are with the rest of the family (except Tay, Ike, and I) at a farm someplace for the weekend, you have to call the Saathoff's." Monica frowned, "Why didn't you and Tay go with?" she asked. "Umm excuse me miss." Interrupted the counter clerk guy, "Here is a phone, why don't you call and ask your friend questions in the car, or waiting outside." He finished rudely.
"Well fine," said Monica as she snatched the phone away from him, she called the Saathoff's number and it was answered by Suzy, "Hey Suzy, it's Monica, can you pick me and Zac up at LazerQuest? He had an accident…" Suzy obviously said yes because Monica said, "OK, we'll be here waiting." She hung the phone up and smiled, "She'll be here in 15 minutes because she has to get dressed." Zac nodded and they walked out.

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