Chapter    10

"Hey Honey, what's up?" she said to her sister, who was talking to Jani. Lex smiled at Jani, "Hey Jani." Jani looked up at Lex, "Oh hey Lexi, nothin' much.. did ya sleep well?" Honey giggled as he said the last part. "What do you mean?" asked Lexi suspiciously, "Well we heard Tay and Zac let themselves out at about 6:30…" Honey was now laughing uncontrollably.

"Oh my God, you guys told them to do that?" "Whoa.. Lexi.. we ARE your friends.. we just said that it'd be a funny prank." Lexi tried hard to look mad but failed miserably and started cracking up. "Oh well, I'll leave you two alone now, I'm gonna go downstairs and eat. I'm famished". And with that Lex walked down the stairs into the anteroom.

Lex began opening doors to find the kitchen, she saw a library, a music room with an enormous selection of CD's, and then she opened the final door and saw the kitchen. Immediately a tall cook came over to her, "Ah, you must be Ms. Alexis, I'm Chef Robert, can I get you anything?" *Whoa* thought Lex, *They have their own CHEF?.* Out loud she said, "Umm, Hi Chef Robert, you don't have to call me Miss Alexis, Lex is fine." Chef Robert laughed heartily at this. "Ah, Miss Alexis it's my job to call you that." Lex smiled. "Ok, I suppose I don't want you to get into trouble, anyways, is there any way I can get something to eat?" Chef Robert smiled broadly, "I thought you would never ask ma'am." He said, while handing her a plate stacked high with pancakes and bacon.

While she ate, she carried on a conversation with Chef Robert. "So, do the Hanson boys come over a lot?" she asked with controlled nonchalance. Chef Robert noticed her tone and replied with the same nonchalance, "Ah, they come over about once or twice a day... Why?" Lex narrowed her eyes, "No reason…" while she said this, her mind raced trying to figure out a way to get back at them. She finished her meal, said goodbye to the chef, and walked back out into the anteroom.

She was about to start wandering when she remembered the huge music room and the library, she walked into the library and looked to see if they had her favorite book, A Wrinkle In Time, they had that and all the other ones by Madeline L'Engle, so Lex knew she would be in heaven for at least a few hours as she walked into the music room and turned on some classical music, she sat down in a big comfy leather chair and lost herself in the book.

****Meanwhile at the Hanson house****

"Geez, Zac, did you have to say it was my fault? Lex probably hates me now." Tay was saying to his younger brother. "Calm down Tayles, I'm sure she doesn't HATE you, she probably hates us both. But.." he said, checking the clock, "I gotta get over to Monica's house, she said she wanted us to go up to LaserQuest so I was gonna get there early and hang out until it was time to go." Taylor sighed, "Bye Zac.." "Why don't you go over to the Saathoff's and apologize to Lex." Zac said, as he ran from the house.

*Maybe I should* thought Tay to himself. ***Author Note.. well who else is he gonna think to?*** He left the house and went next door, as he reached up to ring the doorbell it opened. Honey and Jani were standing there, "Oh hey Taylor," said Jani, "What's up?" he asked. "Oh, nothing much, is Lex around?" Tay replied. Honey smiled, "Lex was in the music room, reading last time I looked." "Oh," said Taylor, "Thanks." Honey and Jani both smiled and walked outside as Taylor walked in.

He walked down the hallway and peeked into the music room, Lex was there, obviously lost in the music and the book, Taylor entered the room, sat down in another chair and just watched her for a while.

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