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14 year old Alexis 'Lex' Miller awoke to the sweet sounds of Taylor Hanson singing "mmmbop, ba du ba dop ba du bopů" She climbed out of bed, went to the mirror and began brushing her long dark curly brown hair, she finished and went to the closet to find something to wear. She pulled out a white halter and some plaid flares and put them on, grabbed her Airwalks and went down the hall to the kitchen for some breakfast. As usual her mother was at 'work' and had left almost nothing for breakfast. Lex grabbed a bagel and went into her sister's room. Honey, her twin was on the floor looking for something. Lex studied her for a sec and felt her mind drift back. The two were twins but not identical, they had different fathers because of their mom Cindy's 'work', she was a stripper. While Lex had curly dark brown hair, Honey had straight pale blonde hair, but they were both 5'6 and weighed in between 105 and 110, Lex had pale green eyes and Honey had dark brown eyes, they often joked that someone had made a mistake with their eyes since Honey should have had the pale ones and Lex should have dark brown. Just then Honey's soft voice startled Lex out of her daydream. "Lexi, what should I wear?" Lex looked in Honey's closet and pulled out a dark brown corduroy skirt and a white button-down top. "Here, and wear your brown suede boots with it." She said as she handed the outfit to her sister. "Ohhh wow sis its perfect!!" came the enthusiastic reply. Lex looked down at her watch "Oh God Honey!! We have to go." They both raced down the staircase of the shabby apartment and through the run-down neighborhood to the bus-stop. As they boarded the bus, Lex heard someone say in an undertone "Oh no hurry its the bastard twins!! Hide me!!!." Honey apparently heard also, because her dark brown eyes filled up with tears, she brushed them away and sat down though, Lex sat down beside her and they went to school. When they got home and went inside they found their mother sitting in the kitchen holding the door of the empty refrigerator. Honey immediately went into her room, but Lex walked into the kitchen, her mom saw her and immediately started screaming about not having enough food and that it was her fault! When Lex saw her mom's hand coming towards her she tried to duck but wasn't fast enough to escape the blow that fell on her face. Her mother hit her about 3 more times and then left the apartment. Lex felt her sisters arms around her and then heard her dial 9-1-1 before sinking into unconsciousness.

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